And isn't it a waste of time, we sit here playin
Still blow almost every line
Haven't been as high as this since the night I burned
My lips
Must've been like '89
Comin down too quick, my own private apocalypse
I'm usually pretty slick, miss, this is just some
Summer slippage

Behind the karaoke bar sittin in your brother's car
Shootin stars and scrapin scars
Threw it up back in the sky, her mouth it opened miles
We all drove back to Delmar
Not sure if you exist, I reach down and I check your

Your brother's pretty pissed, he heard it from that
Surfer chick

And it wasn't just the first time
It wasn't just the last time
It was all those times that were inbetween
When it was such a joy to ride with you
I didn't mean to frighten you
Didn't say goodbye to you
Summer was such bang-up fun, didn't mean to hurt no one
Just tried to enlighten you
When classes start I'll quit, I've got until september
When classes start I'll quit this, this is just some
Summer slippage
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Mission Viejo Lyrics

Lifter Puller – Mission Viejo Lyrics