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Goddess Lyrics

Lexy Lexee – Goddess Lyrics

I stopped replying
To all these things
That make me sad
But I can't knock them down

I can still refuse
These things that I can't take
But you bring my muse
And I mute this all away

I can't hide anymore
But you don't have to comfort someone
Who's mistakes don't make you any better of
A person

That's why I say this

Please don't wait for me
I've become someone different
And I don't want you to be disappointed
So go find someone else who you're open to
Find a goddess
Who can make you real gold


That's just how it went
I can't do anything to fix
What's said and done
Like there's no going back
Has he mentioned how much it takes...
To regain forgiveness?

I cannot do
What's doing this to me
To someone else
I'm so lost and confused

So please don't wait for me
I was commin'
Now I'm stoppin'
Cuz I have realized your
Better for/ with some goddess instead of me
Cuz I have changed
And I'm not for you
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