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Common Slips Of Wails Lyrics

Lexy Lexee – Common Slips Of Wails Lyrics

Sit down, you're rockin' the boat
Where did all the good people go?
Colder than the darkest sea
You don't even know how I feel

Sad piano music is what makes me cry
Did you get rid of all my hurt? Please
Shift 4-3-1-T
Sittin' hopin' you'll understand

I watched you try to wake me up
I wanna meet you when there's time
Do you think things get better or no?
Not in my book, nope, not a time

Seeing where it is and seeing where
Everyone wants us to go
With every good day comes a bad
Day to ruin the thrill

And every time you said you loved me more
I believed it even if I said otherwise
I didn't tell the truth

As if the moon made it OK
I will check the daily greetings
Common slips of wail
Common slips of colors baby, foam to you

And the nasty no replies I get
I will believe them when I see the truth

It's my common slips of wails

When I see you come my way
I tense up and fall into an abyss of youth
I'm stupid and I don't know what to do

I see you callin' my name but no response
Cuz just yesterday you were giving me...
Nods of recognition

And I remember when we'd greet with physical interaction
But one day you just passed by with insecure lust
Until you quit concluded phrasing 'hi'

And I'mma cast away
I'mma go on a boat and sail away today
Knock a wave just into a new direction away
I'm gonna sail, I'm gonna surf, I'm gonna learn
Somewhere far, far, far away

Just stand up, you're sitting too still
There are no good people anywhere
Deeper than a chaotic sea
You touched me, I know how you feel

Sad piano music is what makes me cry
And you made it worse by hurting me
I don't think you'll understand
You're a lost astronaut
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