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Richard Cory Lyrics

Lerado Khalil – Richard Cory Lyrics

"Who's Ravi?"

Rain trickled down her back
Along with all the anger and the anguish after that
Met her in the tangles, I was stomping out the gap
I need new escapes, 'cause I ain't happy off of rap
Happiness is what? Yeah, I'on know either
Not your god, not my friends, not my people
Couldn't get inside I think my mind is truly evil
I often wanna hurt myself and other people
I guess I'm crazy, what's crazy to me is peaceful
They say I'm crazy, the soda I'm sippin lethal
They said just stand to depression, don't let it eat you
I long for leaving this planet, but wanna keep you
But you can't bite the cake and eat it too
I don't know why, I just guess this life rules
I don't wanna cry, but I miss my youth
I don't wanna die, I want codeine, more juice
Think I'm scared of death, think I'm dying from stress
Still be hella anxious, and my room is still a mess
Ask you what I need, I need a friend and fucking rest
That's not shit to me, cause they keep failing every test
So what I need, what I need, prolly death
So what I see, hella greed, got me pressed
Then what I need, what I need, prolly death

I'll still be hella anx-
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