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Bro Nem Lyrics

Lerado Khalil – Bro Nem Lyrics

Aye, yeah! Aye, mhmmm
Aye, ay- aye, uh seven-
Aye, yeah! Yeah, aye, yea, okay
Aye, aye, uh, aye, uh, aye

[Verse 1]
You could be mine for the night
Said she wanna see me, I'm launchin' to life
One more week then I'm off for the flight
One more winter and they all wanna fight
Sick em, like the dog in the night
One more leap and they all wanna bite
I feel the cold of the August tonight
Watchin' my lead then follow my sight
Aye, I cannot rest, till this is finished
I'm gon' dig all in her mouth like a dentist
I be too geeked, (?)
Hop in the whip and then got in a bender
Whip it up, talk, I could chop up a blender
Sell 'em some syrup, cold cause the winter (?)
Fuck out my pockets, my circle some winners
Split up the profits, then get me some dinner

Aye, aye
You see stress, hold back
What is you sayin'?

Sayin' you don't know like that, impatiently waiting
'Fore niggas try hold me back, like what is you saying?
Sayin' you don't know like that

[Verse 2]
Kobe, where these lil niggas can't hold me
Told 'em, I been spittin crack like Odom
Bro'nem, sittin at the bottom of the totem
Loafin', worry about a nigga, I'm coasting
Jesus, niggas acting fishy, I'm seizing
Wheezin', I just made a pass in four seasons
Creasing these new Ricks, I'm weaping
We them, you can't join or beat us, nah
Aye, aye, what you want some free clout?
What you wanna hand out?
Niggas used to look down, guess who is your mans now?
Funny how that work out, lil nigga
Pockets need a work out, lil nigga
Had to let the worst out, lil nigga
Playin' wit a full house, I'm winnin'
See who gettin' flushed out, my liver
Aye, aye

[Hook] [x4]
You see stress, hold back
What is you sayin'?
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