[Verse 1]
Walk down that hall,
Take me to that room,
Shut the door
And close the lights too
Turn on the radio, take off that TV, sit me down
And speak real softly I'll pay my attentions to things you don't say
I'll turn them this way and I'll turn them the other way

And I'm asking you is this how you want me
To be anything you want me to be
And I'm asking you is this how you see me
Some little girl kissing your cheek

[Verse 2]
As the sun begins to rise, it cuts through the glass
And it burns my flesh with every lash
I look at myself as others see myself
And I don't understand how this is myself
Walk down that hall, take to that room, shut the door
And close those lights too


I'm walking down the stairs to leave
And out of the dark her eyes catch me ?
You're looking at me like you expect to see
Something there that I can't be
And I'm asking you to let me walk away this time
'Cause I can't be her anymore

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Asking You Lyrics

Lennon – Asking You Lyrics