We fell in love at first glance
When our eyes met and our hearts raced
But nothing ever lasts in this life
So it ends there and I'm sittin' here

With this bottle of wine in one hand
And a cigarette in the other
The only thing on my body
Is the impression of you

[Verse 2:]
So maybe I'm not a dreamer
But I'm too realistic to ask myself that
And maybe you weren't looking at me
But at some her behind my shoulder

I'm with this bottle...

[Verse 3:]
It's a little cold where I'm sitting
Yet you seem so warm up there
And the emotions just pouring through
But I don't know from who to where


We fell in love at first glance
When out eyes and our hearts raced
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5:30 Saturday Morning Lyrics

Lennon – 5:30 Saturday Morning Lyrics