Abandoned on my cross
around the corner from the corner of your eye,
don't be surprised if I should slightly cross the line
and slowly glide you through the border
that you claimed was never ever there.
A place you never wished to share.

inside inside

Ankles crossed like fair Victoria
for the glory of the empire,
kneels examining the floor Retreats on cushions,
leaves you staring at a mirror
that's all cracks and curves on all sides.

inside inside

There's no hiding in this palace of your soul.
It stretches far beyond the walls
that you created,
but it's smaller than the hole which you lie in now.
If you could find the courage just to dig a little deeper.

inside inside inside inside

(over here, deeper") (over here, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper...)

inside inside
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Inside Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Inside Lyrics