Woke up this morning, lying in bed.
That lazy woman, still buzzed in my head.
Why did she leave me, why did she go away,
Without her here, I'm gonna go insane,
Oh lazy woman, you are my night and my day,
Oh lazy woman.

I tried to give her all that I could,
But all she wanted, was my life blood,
She drained me dry, she took my very soul
And now she's gone, life's just an empty hole,
Here come the razor into the darkness I fall
Oh lazy woman

Now it's all over she won't come home,
I killed myself for her, now I'm so alone
I know that she won't cry, she doesn't feel any pain
Why did she let me die, I'll never live again,
It's all a joke to her, just some stupid game,
Oh lazy woman.
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Lazy Woman Lyrics

Legend – Lazy Woman Lyrics