We often try to talk things through,
About what went wrong with me & you
You had your reasons that's plain to see
But I still make believe it's all down to me
You say I don't have the need to give,
The kind of life that you want to live
To be untied yet still sleep with me,
You want my love but you still want to be free?

I'm not angry

I'm sure you've told me the reasons why,
You're forced to tell so many evil lies
I wait for you though it's so often now,
I love you still but I don't know how
What's the answer? Well you tell me,
Where's the door that will set you free?
You say I don't care that I just don't share,
This life we have, this life's not fair

I'm not angry

I think it's time that we open out,
And just tell the world what it's all about
This life we play & try to cover up,
It's time for truth cos I've had enough
Where are the lies what words are true,
You screwed with me so I screwed with you
No tears for me no tears are due
Just find the road that you know is true

I'm not angry
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I'm Not Angry Lyrics

Legend – I'm Not Angry Lyrics