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Paranoid Lyrics

Left Behind – Paranoid Lyrics

Oh, under the fluorescents again
Waiting for his voice to begin
The most scared that I’ve ever been
Will I make it through the night, will I win?

Lights are too bright so I look to the moon
Last time they strapped me down, I couldn’t move

Security Won’t let me out of the room
I black out and don’t know what I do
So I beat down the walls to break through

The cops have come
I’m covered in dust
Face the wall, don’t move
I’m in handcuffs

They put me into the back of the car
“It’ll be a short ride, the jail isn’t far”
As we get closer the heat greets me
The door handle feels like a thousand degrees

Walk me in lock me up in a cell
Convince myself that is this hell

Voices of demons get louder and louder
I try and calm myself down but it doesn’t matter
I’m begging to live but I’m almost dead
The reaper talks to me while I lay in my bed
“You’ll never leave so get used to this”
I’m just a soul lost in the abyss
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