You make me feel...
And I gut chills
But I guess you see me
Every when I diss and take
You're the one that I want
To leave right now
Can I say it without my eyes
So let me work for your muzzle
Like what the fuck is money?
I see selling cries in your white lies
Tried not to do that
Let me grill you off the grill you grill me
Baby doll if you cry me
Told me every retched story I saw
Deserve it unfold rap I saw this
Forget the past let me groove a bit
Let me help that
Girl I just do the love that
If you feel that
I know that this earth is crazy
But you still look good
But you still look good
Like I flip the pussy like window
Sweat tell me why you mad
This is the right... When I drank with her
Too much of... Must've gained faith
I see you enter the wall and life is hard so is myth
Imma tap all that way just to get
I see you leave you can have what you want
I see you leave you can have what you want
If you want I can blow
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Cry Baby Lyrics

Le1f – Cry Baby Lyrics