Jazz, takes the riches down, you self-guess
It's alchemy from you, it's fact as
My birth must have been immaculate
Stop all the cold, talk baby, miracle
Baby, let's get down to earth like minerals
Back in the light, closer this time
Spark means something in this cold

'Should've let go, found in your eyes with a touch of ice cold
Only gets dark, watch you unfold
In the night light, this is real
Deep colors, sweet flavors, zest
Shoulder lean, no chips on your chest
Princess wanna be my guest
Only when they do they seem to rest
Told you bout it, let go, you got me
It's in the yapping, please, please, between the sheets
Yeah, I got you, you tell me looking'
I didn't wanna get you caught up in the mist
But I might have her looking whips up
Jeff, baby
Be careful
Mister jazz over this
Be careful
I might have you looking whip
Be careful
Yeah, came through the botanical field
Kill up all the weeds in the fields
And I got you feeling so real
What you wanna take, come and get a blue pill
And it will be all yellow
Yellow bricks, road to my house, all mellow
Come chill in the grass in the meadow
With the 100% pure benjy
Feeling so hardcore, do you wanna know my history oral
They say I play too much, watch my wrist get flowing and blast us
But it's no problem, I warm you up like alpaca
One of these with the braids, I'll trap you
So you need to be careful 'bout it
Be careful
I'm feeling luscious, I'm feeling luscious as fuck
We cannot get a few bucks, but the bass in the trust
Come cruise with me all day
Left lean on the highway
I'm in your bath like ducks, we filling up these cups
Very V, it's so P, from this bedroom I knock
I'm taking you like drugs but also rolling up
This love is priceless like more than a billion bucks
I'm feeling luscious, I'm feeling luscious as fuck
I want that flower plucked, I mean if you lucky
Come cruise with me all day
Left lean on the highway
I knew I caught his eye, for a moment he closed them and let the moment slide
Scaling all my ins and outs then level up and flush out

Sweating and I'm panting at pills back, it's just right
Riding, grinding, squealing'she's frozen
Her eyes locked and leaked
Blink right, turn right just to catch a bit of the sunlight
Let it glide, dip, gather tears on the nears on them eyes
It's cocoa butter with baby oil, cool water like aerials
Pants surf the winds, goosebumbs, tears now
My teeth clocked'it's clear he's infatuated
His larva girl and moonlight'he's just smiling
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Blood Oranges Lyrics

Le1f – Blood Oranges Lyrics