[Verse 1: Lavell Jones]
He never had that feeling, he want that feeling he never had
She wanna touch ceilings, ceilings that you could never grab
She wanna feel high, when she low, he wanna feel rich, when he poor
He wanna learn, wanna grow, but that’s just him and she don’t know
He talk about freedom, and all she say is to free your mind
Before you speak hit it one more time
Just let me talk, fine
He wanna change the world, not saying that this girl is a bad influence
Just saying that their thoughts are not too congruent, but please listen there’s more to it
They from different sides of the fence, it’s like she laughs when he vents
They do something then they repent, whoa, they just some foolish little kids
And they don’t really know no better, and they don’t really know each other, but they don’t really know themselves, they think they cool, whatever
Whatever that is, or whatever that does, or whatever that brings
One struggles with self-esteem and the other one’s insecurities
Personalities clash, and reality has, has them looking at themselves but they can’t see past they past but ah…

[Hook: Lavell Jones]
How will you move forward when you don’t know who you are
I’m sure it’s hard just to find success when you don’t know who you are
When you’re, searching for something else, searching for something else
Searching for something to help cause we don’t know who we are
How much longer we got, I hope it ain’t far

[Verse 2: Lavell Jones]
He never had that feeling, he want that feeling he never felt before
He wanna feel high when he feel so low
He get that feeling he gon’ want some more it’s appealing
To the eye that never had that experience, you know, being in the dark so long can make one’s mind oh so curious
So he taste it cause he want it and he love it, and deep down he’s thinking nothing of it
She said I’ll get the wine you get the rubbers, and in 5 minutes meet me under covers, leave the rubbers
So now they closer than ever, well at least he feel better, until that day that he got that letter, that she had left him, on the dresser, she said that she needed something extra,
She said that she needed to be free as could be, so for she it’s on to the next one
And the next one, and the next one, that’s just what she do, she do it well she don’t be stressin’
Now he found that feeling he never had, I hope he glad, man


[Poem: The Sphinks]
I’m Searching, through light, dark and sound
It’s hard to tell which way is up and which way is down
Because when I cry to the skies my knees meet the ground
I’m looking for my identity, can you point me in the direction of the lost and found?
Because humans are just like a handful of seeds
It’s hard to tell which ones will grow into trees and which ones will blossom into weeds
Our minds are born empty, with wants and needs searching for answers to who we might be
Searching the earth, mountains and seas, searching
But life's roads hold no compass rose
Too busy becoming stars to tell them apart
Hoping that going north is the same as following my heart
I’m searching, scouring the country
Through books, radio and tv
I’m searching hoping that I find my identity
I’m searching hoping that I find me
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Identity Lyrics

Lavell Jones – Identity Lyrics