Verse 1: Lavell Jones]
Been, down this road, once before, searching for something but I don’t know what it is
So, I explore, more and more, but I really do adore this life that I live
Try not to stumble but this life is a trip, try not to cuss but this life is a bit
And that bit got a whole lotta’ kids, not them good ones either man the ones that be whipped on a, daily, basis, seen, different, faces, I know a lot of people deep down are racist and I know the government probably trace us mayne
They got a eye on a nigga
They tryna’ spy on a nigga
They wanna lie to a nigga, try to tell me work that 9 to 5 little nigga, nope
But I know, I know that

[Hook: Xiang Gomez]
If I could fly away it’d be time to go

[Verse 2: Lavell Jones]
So, here I am, once again, nothing in my pocket just a penny in my hand
You say you swear you feel me, you don’t really understand
Jones you better make it, if not you’re not a man
I mean if you don’t make it how you supposed to feed your fam
How you tell your son to give it all that he can when you didn’t do the same thing you’re telling him, don’t believe the bs that your shufflin’ them
Man, wait, that can’t be me, so I’m working hard till I’m 6 feet deep
And even then I’ll probably come 6 feet up just to work on some stuff that’s rather tough,
Man but I’ll fly away now, same spaceship that Kanye talked about
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, we out, leave your fear and doubt out cause we can do without, that
But I know, I know that

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Fly Away Lyrics

Lavell Jones – Fly Away Lyrics