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T & K Lyrics

Ladi Badmus – T & K Lyrics

Two years ago I was crazy,
Because of you last year I went crazy,
And now am going crazy,
But baby,maybe I cant explain this,
But I wanna let you know I ain't tryna complicate things,
T n K for Christ sake,
Why don't you let me demonstrate this,
You know what am saying,it's L.A.D,uh! T n K,hey ty,dont you know am like Ty Jakes,
I'll never give up no mater what it takes,
Am on Ty,K.E. Double NY,
You know that's U.N.I.T.Y,
You know Ladi Bad,the batty boi,
T n K A.F.O.D.E.S.O,Afodeso,
K.E double NY and Ty,
Hips don't lie,shakira hips don't lie,
Her jeans so tight,
She got a low height
And her heel's so high
I love her profile,
This is no hype
This chick is so fine
The way she slow wind
Got me hypnotized
Her hips don't lie
Her jeans so tight
She got a low height
And her heels so high
Teeth's snow white
Eyes like the moonlight
Shinning like a blue ice
Besides she look nice
With her beautiful smile
I fell at first sight
Without thinking twice
Without thinking too wise
She's too nice
Full of suprises
Shinning up so bright
And her heart is priceless
Wouldn't mind to have her
In my crib tonight
I spit kryptonite
Encrypted kryptonite
See me in the sky,L.A.D and TY
Common let's ride
Let's trip to tonight
Feel it overnight
Call it triptonite
I ain't gonna lie
Am in love with Latifah
Queen Shakira bring me Sakinah
Killing me softly
Lauryn shorty,
You stunning,you turning me on
And on,am horny honey
I swear am cumming
I'll see you tomorrow morning
Honey,this ain't funny
Call me your bonnie
You look home and foreign
You ain't boring
You ain't fronting
Nothing you can't do
With that look on you
You look so royal
Super dupa loyal
Super dupa lovely
You got it from your mummy
Thanks for my intro you played for your mum,see
I see myself lucky
For those few huggings
Can't forget the day we made eclipse happen in ill town(Ilorin)
Am still down for clubbing
You my Hug in August
The first one in August
You both know am hustling
You both know am thugging
They call me a fool cos I fell in love with you
On April 26 I fell in love with womb
Am April Fool
Am L.A.D for you
No more Corny move
Anything's cool
Am hundred percent full
Divided by Two
The game told me good girls never give it up
But anything is possible if fifty fox Vivica
You the same girl
Me am R.Kelly
My body is calling
Speaking spanish,dutch and yearning
It's you on my skully
Every time I sleep am dreaming on this
My eyes are closed
Your toes coiling
Your tongue am touching
Seductively talking
Super sweet sixteen sha-e-rah Sensation
Taste tom tom tongue touching tayekein thoia thoing temptation
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