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I Wanna Rock Right Now Lyrics

Ladi Badmus – I Wanna Rock Right Now Lyrics

Yeah L.A.D uh
Way I deal with bricks
They call me a brick layer
Way you dealing with pricks
They call you a bitch player
You a big pussy
I'll let you have my dick later
You can suck it for me
You still my bitch
Oh you make me horny
Your lips and your hips
Got me hypnotized
I remember last week
You got my dick blown twice
And I spit so nice
Oh I spit so nice
All over your face
Cum all over your face
You were so weak and speechless
To go for another round
To make another sound
So I stick my 9 inches dick
Right in your mother's gown
My punch is heavy
To sit your brother down
Am from the underground
You from another town
Oh you think it's funny
You just another clown
Your brother have his baby momma
With your mother
Never knew he was gonna be deported back from the US border
I can see in his face
Frustration and hunger
He Couldn't even take care
Of his two years daughter
Am a motherfucker
Matter of fact am a motherfucker
Your daughter fucker
Ask your mother I told you I fucked her
I taught her some fucking fucking styles
Like doggy froggy corky styles
This is not freestyle
Who the fuck is free
With my fucking bars
No one fuck with me
Fuck you want from me
I got 40 cal and 44 for free
If you ain't got a back up
How would you front on me
You can't face me yet
You not 18 yet
You sweet 16 now listen kid
I'ma buy you something sweet
Like limp biscuits
And just incase you still wanna fuck with me
I bet you just one kiss will make you fall for me
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