U came here
To show watcha got
Please, keep ya faith alive
And do it hot

No matter watcha sayin hater
Understand I got talent n rock
This style is only mine
I believe u'll be #1

Do watcha want
Caz that's life
Stop waitin ya chance to start
Never hide ya fire

Be the best is a must
Rap like the last time
I just wanna hear da blast
The victory is so expensive

Get it fast
Everything is possible
Let ya music broadcast
Now all DJs know ya mobile

See the track in charts
Listen how ya rhymes strike
This sound of a next star
Make new dynasty

Let it be global disaster
My hater told U'll never be famous
Shut up man
Caz I'm a white female

I'll be the first rapper
You will see my face on TV
And die of blindness
I promise to come to the cemetery

People in music industry just wanna get extra cash
They all playing stupid games
There's no currency exchange in such act
Go to hell caz I love music more than any Brooklyn ass


I go to the studio in Washington heights
The reason to make ka style high
Not only on the Billboard or like brave samurai

Old school is not the part of my life
We bring something new from our minds
Maybe it sounds funny
I'll be second to none

Some producer will catch ya stare
Do you remember how comedians become celebrities?
Like tsunami it happens every day
New young face comes that makes you develop another plan

Occupy the scene until it's not late
Do it or next time this place will be taken
Only competition, no collaboration or friendship
Your opportunity can disappear like a rainbow

They're all kings and queens in music industry
Day after day struggle against languor
It's like illness
My sister dreams to be a diva


What I gotta do to be a winner
After watching thousand videos
U gotta hustle 24/7 to make some difference
Another day will bring new problem

I know it's better die than fight
But ya enemies only wait when you'll give up
Never look at the sky or cry
When you're weak nobody wanna get a big deal

Now I'm poor and ask myself why
But I strive like a soldier
Tomorrow will be hard to survive
I have nothing to lose

So, I go through
Now gotta move
Without any fear
Your hope won't disappear

Somebody says
Begin a new race
Our job leads to the right way
I'll bury my hesitance

In the heyday of my glory
I'll get the best of pace
And change my story

We're trying to do something real
And still no high peak
Listen to nobody, they will never forbid
Make your thoughts deep

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Watcha Got Lyrics

Ksysenka – Watcha Got Lyrics