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Doctor, Doctor Lyrics

Ksysenka – Doctor, Doctor Lyrics

Doctor, doctor...

I'm a cigarette smoker
And it makes me feel stronger
My doctor said
It will lead to disorder

It sounds so important
And I shut the door of the store
I see tobacco on the floor
It feels like a chore

Just wanna get more
It tries to ignore the problem with my core
Smell as ash go thru my bone
It falls down like a stone

I want this smoke get out of body zone
Cigar resides in my life's throne
It's a cyclone
I wish I could have a clone

And he would feel my torture
How a poem can't be rewritten by author
Illness grows another sore
I throttle every moment

I cry 'cause can't save my soul
Where's my rescue?

Hook Doctor!

If you are sick
Doctor will come
Cure any decease
If you are shocked
Ask him for advice
He may help carefully Doctor!

In case of extreme
Find your savior
Use his medicine
With a rubber
Erase bad past of ya memory Doctor!

If you are sick
Doctor will come
Cure any decease
If you are shocked
Ask him for advice
He may help carefully

My conscious is broken
I'm losing the virtue

Maybe patience is over
And I become nervous
My pressure goes lower
But pulse drops slowly

Without donor
I turn into zombie
Rushing to hospital
I need a blood transfer

Seems heart stopped
My lungs have no enough air
Everything went dark
I hear only a prayer

All vessels are frost-bound
I have no words to explain
Nurse asks me what happened
I can not restrain my temper

Is my organism out of stupor?
Where's my remedy?
I'm mesmerized
Will I suffer forever?

Give me a sleeping draft
Make me a shot
Terrible pain in my heart
It hurts a lot

All life flashed fast
See my tears of blood
Nobody cares
When I get up

Hook Doctor!

I'm not a drug lover
I'm on my way to recovery
Like faded to black flower
Tired of being faint

I hate a dropper
But still can't break my habit
Call it a gutter
Maybe I'm a captain

Who don't know the right direction
'Cause he lost his aim
And as an anchor ready to drown
No, I'll be a marksman

Who knitted his brows
And wanna trap his hostile
That's how I gonna get rid of my virus
Pain tightened my muscles

I can only blubber
It's my last chance for a next breath
And nobody see how I suffer
I just wanna feel painless

It will be my mark
How can I be fearless?
When I got operation without painkiller

Hook Doctor!

I wish I could be a murderess
And choke my fever
I don't feel my legs
Seems I'm not sober
Everything spreads

Where's the finality?
I wanna invade my stress
Comedy already became tragedy
My agony will never end

But I need no drama
Life must happen well
Hope it's not too late
To save my health

Anybody tell me
What way is correct?
Stars falling from heaven
I still didn't confess

But if I regret
Will I be blessed?
What can help me straight?
Only regular path

Which bring to deliverance
Make away with stress
Get new answer
Now I should guess

Put all blames on me
Do not show excuse
That was my mistake
And I must it change

Are you scared?
I will help myself
Give me a hand
I'll get a vaccine

No, I'm not afraid
But eager to supplant
Fed up with this pang
Here's my effect

I will use it greatness
Nothing can prevent
My illness goes away

Hook Doctor!
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