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Take It To God Lyrics

Krs-One – Take It To God Lyrics

Feat. Professor Ecks
Yeah, once again, word up urban inspirational
Krs-One, Professor Ecks, whattup Dan? Woo
Temple of Hip-Hop, let's do it

By the sound of the track, you know who is back
It's the teacher, philosopher of conscious rap
Rappers tired of me sayin where hip-hop is at
Cause they know they unoriginal, copycats
Watch me bump this gospel rap, never wack
In fact, I tell you where the tracks is at
Tv is wack, they wanna show us beatin Iraq
When the question is, is where is Chandra Levy at?

[Professor Ecks]
Murdered God and left for dead like hip-hop
And admit to Condit like conduct, to kill Ecks the dread
And Kris crucified the false prophet
John F. Kennedy to these mc's, I draw and c*** it
C*** on cocky cops for the love of the art
Punish the part, partition
Pardon the pause, poison pens penetrate the mental
I walk with Kris so my body's a temple
Body instrumentals and body your squad in the body of a God

Just think, just think, what if Malcolm X returned
Or Dr. King returned, tell me what have we learned?
As we takin our turn, tell me what have we earned
Or is the ice and the cars our only concern
Mo' money, mo' money, you be yellin it out
And on tv can't you see you be sellin us out
So in 2010, look to 2002
Who you think they gonna respect, me or you?

[Professor Ecks]
Behold, the God, in the form of the man
Walkin off water and [?] flesh absorbs in the sand
Moor gets the land, divorcin the clan, I'm off into sand
Off and I'm slayin delicate arms from porcelain hands
Slaughtered the lambs, charge it to the game
Cats take hip-hop's name in vain
Disrespectin the forefathers who came (uh-huh)-aca
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