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Philosophical Lyrics

Krs-one – Philosophical Lyrics

[Verse One: KRS-One]
Yo turn me up just a bit, so I can hear it and spit
Reverse spit, and get tips, rehearse a hit and take tricks
Research the art just a bit, don't let me start I won't quit
But if I start I'ma flip, just like I'm startin the whip
Puttin the key into it, mentally seein it
G.O.D. believin in it, I get a fee when I spit
C-L-U-B's I just rip, I'm lyrically well equipped
Over the beats and the mix, I keep the streets in a fit
When it comes to lyrical spit, I'm the t'cha of it
Higher consciousness, truth, I'll be reachin for it
Metaphysics, here's an example cause I'm speakin of it
Put your hands in the air, but you must be aware
That even if your hands are down, ain't they still in the air?
I be takin you all the way down the road, takin you there
I'm livin and givin just a smidgen of what I share
The style that I'm kickin, lyric lickings from over there
We rockin forever, we get better with every year
With letters and intercessors I sever every fear
Lookin here, like UPS KRS takes it there
Let's make it clear, thought waves go through the air
You can act like you busy or you dizzy or you don't care
But listen here, everybody got a fear
An insecurity, some type of thing they gotta clear
So that's when I, reappear, from the rear
Philsopher, follow the bright light to right here
I might wear, light gear
Appear when you least expect it, tellin you now how to fight fear
With faith, you hear the bass, well clear the waste
You gotta get the negative cats out your face
Get that irrelevant crap out your space
Conceive it believe it decree it achieve it with HASTE!
Nuttin in the world is impossible
Listen to the shit that I drop on you
KRS-One, philosophical
Believe and achieve what you got to do
[Verse Two: KRS-One]
We rawwwwwwwwwk, we don't stop
Hip-Hooooooooop, we don't stop
Tick-tooooooock, we don't stop
We at the top we never drop cause true hip-hop is so hot
Some people thuggin, some be pimpin, I be teachin a lot
I be teachin about the meaning of a deeper hip-hop
That don't make me any better than a thief or a cop
All I know is when I flow, the people be shocked
You don't really want the teacher to come step on your block
With my whole glock takin everything that you've got
I'm a different type of deeper intellectual rock
For when you really wanna compete and get up off your block
You are not just doin hip-hop, you +ARE+ hip-hop
Like if you have a badge and a gun, you ARE the cop
Like if you practice medicine, you ARE the doc
You just forgot rappers rap about cars a lot
And the magazines worry about stars a lot
But I'm the sun and they avoid me BECAUSE I'm hot
The orthodox hip-hop is sure to rock
With or without a video, I'm leavin 'em all in shock, OHH!
[Chorus] - repeat 4X
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