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Colossal Titan Strife Lyrics

Kronos – Colossal Titan Strife Lyrics

Universe and cosmos equilibrium imperiled
By a conspiracy sculpted in the walls of tartar
Congregation of trustless sons tamed for vengeance
... Apothesis of a world aflame

"Listen to me tarnished brothers
Time has come to punish father's treason
Atropos has finally severed fateyarn
A colossal strife has begun"

"Oh, mighty brother, guide my hate
And to the elysian fields
We'll walk to the victory"

"I knelt down to your majesty
Accept my strength, accept my fury"

Vomited descendants from a divine gastric abyss
Gathered against their "beloved" father
No one knows the terror of the titan's awakening
... A world shattered as never

A mythological bloodbath
A struggle for vengeance
A vacant throne for ten years
A colossal titan strife
Somptuous starlight night sky rises for aeons
Majestic lightnings from a jupiterian wrath

Commander of the fearsome brawler's legions
Leader of a strange and powerful armada
Gods of war, war of gods
... Paroxysm of an extreme conflict
"Plotter of sons, taste my parriscythe..."
"Oh, Kronos, reprisals deserve my mercy"

"Cyclops, giants, hecatonchirs, hear my call
And from your jail I summon thee... "
On mountains, in the sky, on islands
Trident... Helmet... Thunder
This fantastic scuffle lasted ten years
... Equilibrium fallen
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