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Bringers Of Disorder Lyrics

Kronos – Bringers Of Disorder Lyrics

Sacrilegious desire
Insane act of bestiality
Unhealthy sex between the mares of magnesia and centaurious
He arose from Ixion's fictitious mating
Royal Dauphin of Laphithes people
And Nephelee, a cloud at the effigy of Hera created by Zues

Sacrilege in this desire
Bestiality in this insane act
And now you are coming
So strange and furious monsters
Providers of panic
Servitors of cruelty... Cruelty!

Oh powerful centaurs!
Beings with human chests and horse bodies
Your force is so colossal
Your customs are so crutal

Oh great centaurs!
Cruel and mean creatures
Hungry for flesh and blood
Fearsome enemies of mortals
Bringers of disorder!

Gathered together in a ferocious pack
Living in mountains and forests
On Mount Pelion, in ancient Thessalia
Your life is just violence and debauchery
Raping... Brutalizing...

Equine man, human horse
Your wrongdoing know no limits
Even during Pirithoos' wedding feast
Ixion's descendant, king of Lapithes
Belong against his will to you
Prisoner of irrevocable past chains
You turn night into chaos...

Eurytion your chief
Gorged of good meats and delicious wines
Totally drunk!
Try to rape Hippodamie
The Greek king's magnificent wife

The noise of swords taken out of their sheats
Resonates against this unacceptable attack
Man's victory is total
Eurytion forced to run away
Centaurs pushed back forever...

Explosive... Is the fray!
Colossal... Is the strife!
Bloody... Is the massacre!

Bringers of disorder
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