My darling, while you sleep
All is well
We are friends, and that's swell
But the truth is that I
Have a secret to tell
I love you

People say it's wrong
It's absurd
That a frog and a bird are in love
But I know in my heart
This was so
Meant to be

If only we could hug and could kiss
It'd be heavenly bliss
But your lungs would explode
And you'd look just like this
As you'd gag with your face turning blue (eww)

But darling I'll protect you, I will
Don't worry, just chill
Cause there isn't a bird
That I wouldn't kill for you

Can't you see
Oh, we were destined to be

For hear our love (love)
Poisonous love (love)
And oh, yes, I know that you can't hold me (feel me close now)
Your loving wings enfold me
Fate told me love

Poisonous love (love)
Standing here
You're so near and yet so far (like a star)
Here we are (where)
What to do (to do)

Oh poo...

You're my Romeo
I'm Juliet
We're so perfect and yet
If we touch, not by much
Still and all you can bet
It's good bye
And I'll cry

As you die
From our poisonous love
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Poisonous Love Lyrics

Kristin Chenoweth – Poisonous Love Lyrics

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