Just moved in to 14G
So cozy, calm, and peaceful
Heaven for a mouse like me
With quiet by the lease-full
Pets are banned parties too
And no solicitations
Window seat with garden view
A perfect nook to read a book
I'm lost in my Jane Austen when I hear
[Dramatic opera]
Say it isn't so
Not the flat below
From an opera wanna be
In 13G
A matinee of Socantota
Wagners Ring
And Traviata
[Dramatic opera]
My first night in 14G
Ill put up with Pouccini
Brew myself a cup of tea
Crochet until she's fini
Half past eight
Not a peep
Except the clock tick-tockin
Now I lay me down to sleep
A comfy bed to rest my head
A stretch, a yawn, I'm almost gone when
[Scatting noisily]
Now the girl upstairs
Wakes me unawares
Blowing down from 15G
Her revelly
Shes scattin like her name is Ella
Guess who answers a cappella
[escalating transitions between scatting and opera]
I'm not one to
Raise my voice
Make a fuss
Or speak my mind
But might I query
Would you mind if
Could you kindly
That felt good
13, 15, 14G
A most unlikely trio
No quite three part harmony
All day and night we're singing
[All three sing]
I've had my fill of peace and quiet
Shout out loud, "I'v changed my diet!"
All because of
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The Girl In 14G Lyrics

Kristin Chenoweth – The Girl In 14G Lyrics