How are you doing how was the movie didn't you laugh when the man exploded
How was your dinner how is the weather isn't it muggy for this time of year
And I'm sad that you're not here but how do your feet feel how was the
Plane ride were you light-headed when the thing took off how is your hair
Done how has your work gone have you been busy from the get-go darling I'm
Sad that you're not here I'm finding it hard to wait all day I wanna call
You up and say how is the scenery how is the shopping did you buy clothes
And spend all your money how is your coffee how are you coping have you
Been hoping that I'd call you honey I'm sad that you're not here there must
Be a million times a day I wanna call you up and say how is your hotel how
Is your mother does she get angry if you haven't called her how is your
Novel how is your guitar did you eat peaches with your yogurt honey I'm sad
That you're not here

(Michael Lorant/vocals)
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Peaches Lyrics

Kristen Hall – Peaches Lyrics