My world is spinning, I'm seeing circles and curves I used to live on the
edge I think I'm losing my nerve hey buddy, don't flip on me, don't lay
your trip on me I never wanted to know I laid down for you, I played the
clown for you and now you won't let me go it's hard to find a place in a
world where nothing's safe it's a cruel place I should know and it's
getting hard to keep it in I have to let it go my sky is empty until a grey
cloud appears I catch the drops of it's rain tastes just like my own tears
he buddy, don't mess with my head, go fix your own instead I never wanted
you near I bought into all your pain, it left me half insane and only one
thing is clear and I can't fight it anymore it's not my job to win this war
I don't even know what I'm fighting for
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I Should Know Lyrics

Kristen Hall – I Should Know Lyrics