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Can't Hustle 4 Ever Lyrics

Krayzie Bone – Can't Hustle 4 Ever Lyrics

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yo I'm, tired of runnin these streets yo, I'm
tired of hustlin Y'all
motherfuckers think this is all a game This
shit ain't easy this, is all I know What
am I supposed to do now huh? [Chorus?

repeat: 2x] Do
you know where you're goin to Do?
you like the things the streets it's showin you Do?
you know you, Can't Hustle Forever [Verse?

1 LaReece]: It
was you and me against the world We
switched the game up Hustlin
forever together before we came up It
changed our paths we went our separate ways No
more ridin on them niggaz for me how, I miss those days Swore
up and down you was a super thug so, it's told But
had compassion for your foes wit'cha heart of gold While
I was rappin and singing you started slangin and bangin But
with money comes greed saw your heart it was changin Niggaz
out on the street your, peeps gettin covered in sheets You
relied on heat to keep you from suffering defeat And
now you're different like these savages you're, soul golfed out I
know you're hurtin everytime I see your soul from you You
at your crossroads whatcho, gonna do Where?
you going boo, Street?
is watchin just to take your soul from you Who
will feed your seed if you're locked down or, better yet dead Did?
you live your life to the fullest when you take your last breath Do?
you know [Chorus?

repeat: 2x] [Verse

2 Krayzie]: Come
follow me into my life my, life my, life I'm
a young hustla This
is to get paid as I stay clean away from bustas Strugglin
is in my blood Mentality
thug reality, I'm fucked up I
gotta go get it my goddamn self cause, ain't nobody about to give me shit Gotta
go out and get the rent pay So
I'ma be out here on this block with these rocks and this glock Until
I profit could you stop it Mama?
used to say "but until I see it better it, got to be this way" And
it don't look like I be going nowhere nowhere, Looks
like I'm stuck in this here ghetto Even
though I done got this dream of being famous This
is really short and, if I don't make it by the end of the year Shit's
feelin to be changin I'ma be dangerous bangin, nigga's brain Nigga
I'ma, start sharin my pain and bang Hey
this, shit we do for the dollar dollar, bill y'all So
before, I get killed y'all I
gotta make better ain't tryin hustle forever ever, [Chorus

repeat: 2x] [Verse

3 Young: Dre] God
please, I know you see me livin better that this But
truthfully, it's hard for Dre to comprehend cause it's cheddar to get If
I don't hustle I can't eat So
in these streets it's you and me Takin
these fair penitentiary chances Plus
some real finances that'll catapult me and my fam to better circumstances Rider
quote "man even though I know I know how this game go" Got
the green light for cash and I can't let time pass Gotta
grabs mines reality's a mutha Tryin
to hold on to all my survivin thugs brothas See
this, life'll make you sharp and hard two clenched fists for the struggle Ride
for my thug nation that love to hustle hard With
slugs from berettas doing, dirty business Some
niggaz still can't get together collecting figgas Make
it impossible to hustle forever But
life's a struggle we gonna survive until something come along better RIDERS

'til fade]
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