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I Remember Lyrics

Krayzie Bone – I Remember Lyrics

Yall ready, yeh, krayzie jackson I wanna take this time out right now to holla at my dawgs, my bone thug niggas

Yo, what up my nigga? Yeah it's been a minute since I saw ya
I hear your lawyer still tryin to get that appeal for ya
Wanted to holla and tell ya what's poppin but you probly
Already know we been goin through problems, anyway I
Hear you been excercisin and gettin strong in the mind
I hear you been searchin for God inside The Koran
That's cool man, I been prayed up myself
I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now
I'm still a soldier but I'm tryin to be one for Jehovah
We in the Last Days and tha Last Days is almost over
We all older now, my minds much stronger now
I can see in ya letters ya vocabulary's broader now
I wish we woulda been this smart before we let this game rip us apart
But we forgot that God was our heart, heart
But don't even sweat it my nigga stay strong
And we gon kick it when you come home, my nigga Flesh n Bone, Flesh n Bone

I remember, remember back in the day
When we all used to hang, Yeah
Back in the hood that was a everyday thang
Yall remember, how we got in this game
We was all in the same
But it came to fame and thangs changed, thangs changed

[Verse 2:]
What up Lay? Hope you and ya family okay
I don't even know where I should begin cause I got so many things to say
We been dawgs since the Seventh Grade, the Seventh Grade
Struggled together for a better way, and better days
We was Kid n Play, Kriss Kross and all them niggaz
They called you the light one and of course I was the dark skinned one
Hey! You was the human beat box and I was the rapper
In the battles in between classes, those days
They ain't the same no more, we don't even hang no more
We let the fame destroy something's that's worth way more
Cause friends are kinda hard to come by ain't no tellin these days
We should of seen it comin' ain't no trustin these snakes
But all in all, we had a ball
And even though we took a fall, it's not for long fa sho!
We'd be some damn fools if we let silly ego's
Come between some damn trues and cause a fam fued (my nigga, my nigga)


Wish, my nigga, I can clearly remember
See me and you go way back to that day and night in November
Or was it December? When you was mobbin tryin to rob some niggaz
And I was out, put the slug in the pump and I cocked it nigga
But I had my finger still on the trigger, Oh my God, my nigga
Screamin at me like "You shot me nigga!" and I was shocked my nigga
My ears started ringin, I was tweakin, blood was squirtin
You was swervin on the curb man, word man
Rushed to Even though youemergency, coppers came and arrested me
Told them I didn't do it they cuffin me
We told them we was just chillin and niggaz hit us
Half dead and ain't snitchin now that's the realest, that was the realest
That's why we still down, what's really real now
Make ya feel how, we in it to win it with a I'll style
You suckas better recognize, better check it
When Krayzie and Wish head over Thugline Records nigga


[Verse 4]
I ain't forgot ya Bizzy Bone, what's happenin?
We was always in some action every night straight to brackin it's crackin
We walked the streets together, starvin, ain't eat together
Slept outside in zero below, it's gon freeze together
I remember I went to the county
And when I got out you went to bustin your pistol, nigga you rowdy
Now how'd all of a sudden it gettin so cloudy, so cloudy
They say Krayzie got problems with Bizzy, that's why they, they breakin up
Only problem I had was you runnin out on the band
But you explained to me deeper and now I understand
So why is niggaz beefin when there's cheese to get and bread to stack
And head's to crack, we got a deadly rap
Nigga together we the coldest, coldest
The realest East 99 soldiers, soldiers
United we ball, divided we fall
When Bone come back we silence 'em all
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