~Verse 1~

Summertime way back in the day, I would sit and contemplate the life
That I would make, and make no mistake rapping wasn't on my plate
But who would think in 08 I'd be the hottest in my state! I was young,
And I just wanted to skate! Playstation all night, shit, stayin out late.
Rollin around the local spots with Ceasla and Nate, talkin on the phone,
Till it stuck to my face! Late August, man that shit was the best, walking
Around, showin love, man I loved Fleet fest! It's a shame that it wont never
Happen again, the pool parties at Bens and joking around with my friends.
It had to come to an end, but just to do it again, I would sacrafice a lot to
Go for one more spin, around the city, around the past that made me who
I am down Fleet Ave one more time with some Pierogis in my hand!

~Verse 2~

Don't get it twisted it wasn't always the ave, it wasn't always this bad, it's
Never had the problems it's had. It's never mad me so mad to see my
Neighbors get mad, over kids in the street acting angry and bad. Rollin
Around, late night - looking at street lights, remembering those fights,
And man it feels alright. It takes me to another place, it makes me so much
Higher. Class of 05 baby, best believe ya boys a flyer! South High, and man
I aint gonna lie, I walked through those doors, just wishing to die. The only
White guy, in a class of my peers. Everyday with the jokes, the name calls, and
The jeers. Just because I wore black and I did my hair in spikes I was "satanic",
Often labeled, picked on cause I was white. But I got by, you know these kids
Can be cruel. After all the shit it threw, I still got love for that school.
(08 Baby, 05 Baby, Flyers... Hate Me Now!)

(Vocal break)

Okay let me change the tone... This my home...
Okay let me change the tone... This my home...
Okay let me change the tone... My Home.
My Home... Let me change the tone... 216.

~Verse 3~

Okay let me change the tone, after school everyday I never ever went home.
Yep, that's me down on H. V. D. I thought I found love but it wasn't destined to be.
And 4 years later it's still a part of me. So thank you, and I'm sorry- but you helped
Mold me. I won't name drop, but you know who you are. I'm just writing down my history
And it's got me this far. To all of you! All the friends from my past, all the good times we had
And even the bad. I was lucky to have, all of you in my life, but my story goes on though
Ours may of faded into night. I got a new top 8 then I did back then. I got a new support
Group, and I call them my friends, I got a new found love, and a shoulder if I need it,
And I owe all that I am to growing up in Cleveland.-216!
(Thank you... From The bottom of my heart... Cause I'm everything you are.)
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It Takes A Village Lyrics

Kolgate – It Takes A Village Lyrics