Catch me chilling at the club, I say fuck you to haters
Make me wanna grab my snub. Didn't check me at the door, V. I. P
As exceptions. I know you haters love me I can tell by your erections.
Pointing in my direction saying there that baller goes, I got my money
On my mind so you can say my mind is blown. Pop trunk and grip grain,
Candy's wet without the rain, pull away and leave a stain, I ball so hard
I can't complain. I got those diamonds in my chain, and that ice on my grill.
Flow like me dog? Come on, you know this shit is skill. Like a pill dude
I'll pop ya, my weight you know I'll drop ya, Kolgate can we stop ya?
Should we call the world a docter? No, trust I got ya, I'm just tryin to make a
Hit. Same name, same game, same midwest shit. Bumpin, Bumpin through ya
Speakers. Rollin, rollin through ya hood. Me my flow is excellent. Your's is pushin
Good. Psych, yeah right, you must be dreamin, better flow, plus I'm white, let's
Just say I do alright.

Let's just say I do alright.
Let's just say I do alright.
Let's just say I do alright.

I'm twisted. Catch me sprung and rolled in cash, call me K-O, cause I'm loco
First round, I'll whip that ass. See the bouncers gettin mad, mosh it out, then
Count my cash, C-Town be lovin that, it's my life and I'm living fast. First place
You come in last. Speakers bump just like Ray Cash. Corey Bapes can't match
My swag, pockets fat just like Al Fats, 216 lets get this cash. I got this itch it's like
A rash, but no matter how hard I scratch, I can't get cleveland off my back.
I can't get cleveland off my back, I'm puttin cleveland back on track. I'm next
In line so please please back back. Semis spray and clips attactk, in the club just
Leaning back, posted up and tipping down, I'm the dopest shit around. There's some
Fakers in this town, but we need to get this money. I aint hatin on em really
Lets just say they spit funny. Much love to Santi, fukin D. B. A. Real killas, real ballers
Real all damn day. I aint a hater, I just thought I'd say, that every single rapper out
Needs to bow to me. Yeah, I'm the king bitch, gimmie my crown. Yeah the
Same mother fucker that is runnin C-Town!
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I Do Alright! Lyrics

Kolgate – I Do Alright! Lyrics