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So Sorry Lyrics

Klear J – So Sorry Lyrics

Atm Records Music Group

Baby, I’m Sorry 4, All of the wrong/
That I’ve done to you/
And I’m Sorry 4, all of the lies/
That I’ve told to you/
And I don’t wanna lose, I cannot lose/
My Baby girl/
Because you are my, soul mate/
You are my world…

Verse 1:
It’s hard to put the way I feel in words/
About the whole situation between me and her/
I, never intended it to be like that/
But when my heart get weak, baby that how I act/
It’s no excuse, but baby I don’t like to lose/
I’ve jeopardized the relationship between me and you/
I know it’s hard for you to look at me the same/
But I said forever and that not no game/
For better or worse, until I’m in a hearse/
I will love you and you will forever come first/
Please forgive me baby, cause I’m not perfect/
And please stay with me baby, cause I’m hurtin’/
My heart is aching, cause I know that what I did was wrong/
Baby please take me back and listen to my only song/
I still need you in my life/
And I still want you to be my wife…


Verse 2:
What would I do without my baby? /
If I didn’t have you, I would surely go crazy/
You bring me sunshine when my days all shady/
And I’m so happy that you are my lady/
I promise to you sweetie I won’t hurt you no more/
Stick with me and watch what all I have in store/
More love and more attention, everything means more/
More kisses, more squeezes, just let me in your doors/ (now)
(No More) Cheating/
(No More) Lying/
(No More) Fussing and Cussing and Fighting/
(No More) Chilling with numerous girls/
(No More) Having you last in my world/
(No More) Wondering will I ever call/
(No More) Breaking our covenant and all/
(No More) Baby what I’m saying is true/
This time baby I’m really gonna stick by you…


I’m sorry for that/
(I’m sorry for that)/
I’m sorry for that/
(I’m sorry for that)...
(Repeated 4X)

Chorus (Repeated 2X)

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