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Gone And Drop Lyrics

Klear J – Gone And Drop Lyrics

Atm Record Music Group

Baby girl, I must admit, you a fine ass hoe/
(Gone and Drop your motherfucking ass to the floor)/
I believe you shake it harder cause you know I got dough/
(Gone and Drop your motherfucking ass to the floor)/
You making me want you bad mommy, let me see some more/
(Gone and Drop your motherfucking ass to the floor)/
Now shawty twirk it on me till I don’t want no more/
(Gone and Drop your motherfucking ass to the floor)/

Verse 1 (Klear J):
I’m off in the club, me and my niggaz so toasted/
Buying drinks and the bar and these broads we approaching/
Caught this bad little bitch, and she know what I’m wanting/
A lap dance, maybe two, maybe three while I’m coasting/
Had to check her id, she was ‘bout twenty-three/
Nice round hip, fat ass, and some double D’s/
Told the chick to drop it down like an eagle for me/
Slowly she rolled her hips and drop down to her knees/
Shawty jumped to her feet, then she looked me in my eyes/
With a passion for me she said “Baby do you like”/
Pulled her close by my side, caught a grip on them thighs/
Then she popped it and twirked it like the Embassy tonight/
But I ain’t mad at her/
Cause I knew that she was shaking for the cash bro’/
But my intention must have flew right pass her/
Cause all I really was looking for was some ass bro’/
It was some ass bro’, shake it girl…


Verse 2 (Mish Mos):
The way you shake it got me getting warmer/
I’m better known as Mish Mos, the southern pussy charmer/
Just let me bomb you with some down home, dirty south, deep dicking/
Now gone and drop, and get on top so I can keep sticking/
Keep hitting, super deep and super freaking from all angles/
Now bend over and wrap you hands around your ankles/
Just wanna thank your mom and thank your pops/
For giving you that ass for you to shake and pop/
Now make drop/
Love when you shake and stop/
I’m always on the grind and you hate the block/
But you, pop some much, enough to break a cock/
Now shake and stop/
Take it from the wall to the floor/
Now shake that ass like a salt shaker, out of control/
Put it on me till a nigga can’t take it no more/
Get Low (Low)/
Love it cause you feeling my cash/
Now bend it over, shake it for show, while I’m feeling your ass…


Verse Three (Klear J and Mish Mos):
I like it when they drop it to the floor/
Grind it up slow/
Gotta lot of ass/
Shawty, can I hold/
Cup in my hand/
Can’t spill my Mo’/
She shake it so hard/
I can’t help it though/
Shawty she bad, tangy she rough/
Twirkin all that ass, and beating me up/
Can’t stop now, got too much/
Got like Lil’ Wayne and say “Shawty that enough”/
I know you all about that cash money/
I’ma dirty baller bitch, so yeah we mad stuntin’
Just wanna see you get that ass jumpin’/
Ass thumpin, like we fast huntin’/
Make a nigga wanna tag something/
Why your ass frontin’? /
See I like the way you giggle, when you wiggle, just a little/
Now turn over, arch it back and let me put it in the middle/
See this is how we do it when it for the club/
So get you ass on the floor, shake it like what…

Chorus (Repeated 2X)

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