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Midnight Hoes Lyrics

Kingpin Skinny Pimp – Midnight Hoes Lyrics

[Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
I never seen a ho that could make a cheese flow
Until I moved to texas where the shake junts ain't broke
When I feel up off da plane the only thing stuck in my mind
I know I'm fucked up but shit I gotta get on mine
So now I gotta sell a little pussy hoe to stain
Nation wide cds and hoes on the main
Most of my niggaz they ridin clean cheefa a qaurter pound of skunk
Broke rappers on the shelf while I be slangin out the trunk
I'm out here makin a livin I'm makin a killin for the billboard
But then some heavy folks behind me bought a rolls royce
1996 bitch stackin my grill????????
Its in the liquor purchase at a fuckin 5th
Memphis nigga headin down to huston club oasis
Different races I met a bunch of faces
My pimpin is gettin stronger
I'm keepin my toungue for you playa hatas
Beatin bitches to the flow makin shit get regulated

I've been wastin all my time foolin round wit midnight hoes
I've been wastin all this time jumpin in and out my clothes
I've been wastin all this time blowin indo out my nose
I've been wastin all this time now that's just how my life goes
Midnight hoes

[Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
Pimp dem hoes pimp s***s ride clean
Smoke yo dope keepin down beats for the rest of yo life
Makin dat paper from coast to coast
I heard so many time I wanted to be a mans weakness
I speak this pimpin from expirience fool now peep this
My baby is the queen of the shake junt
And I am the king of the playaz ball
You fuck one will break one pimp slap one now smoke one
Make sure its da ink
Now juicy passy the chrystall now toast dat drink

[Juicy J]
Now the juice in the club gotta a hole in the pants
Broken drunken????? Jus
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Songwriters: Jordan Houston, Paul Beauregard
Midnight Hoes lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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