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Long Story Lyrics

Kingpin Skinny Pimp – Long Story Lyrics

[Verse: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
A legal pimp is a lawyer in the court making paper
I was sporting snakes while this fool was buying gators
The judge mad as hell, and the judge was a ho
Finna slap me with assault
Cause I threw my ex-wife to the floor
An inmate going to trial, standing next to the door
Behind the door was prisoners, where he might have to go
If he was found guilty for murder in the first
Plus, witnesses testified which only made it worse
The state came strong, meaning he was found wrong
The last thing in the judge head was sending the mane home
They offered him some time, three strikes are rather light
He's a coward-ass killer shaking craps on the dice
He's scoping out the guard with the heat in his holster
Escorting him to the door, so he moved an inch closer
Then 'bowed him in his stomach
Grabbing the gun from his side
Snatched the pd by her wig, motherfucker surprise
The gun to the head of the Public Defender
His family in the crowd begging "Stop, please, surrender!"
The other guards around put they guns in the sky
The pd was terrified, the judge was screaming:
"Hold your fire!"
He's backing up out the courtroom
Dragging the hoe in a sleeper
He's heading to the getaway car to make the story get deeper
He let the pd go thinking "Damn I oughta smoke her"
Sticking his pistol in the window of a running ass Nova
Behind the woodgrain stereo was a nigga full of P
Paranoid cuz the duals roared balling down Poplar street
The judge called recess, but I'm finna come to court
To hit the Chinese store to get a couple of loose Newports
My beeper started to beep and it was my lawyer, want his money
Talking bout bring your ass home cuz I owe him two hundred
Since I ain't finna pay him, they gonna give me time
So I'mma give them time, to catch me with the crime
I balls down the street fiending for some marijuana
No ones on the chase but apd's, they hitting the corner
Dude bailed out the car, then he ran by Kentucky
I was parked by the church across the street now he was lucky
I opened up the door, then he jumped in the seat
The Nova crashed to the pole cold fired up a sweet
Now both of us was wanted, cuz both of us were broke
The only plan I had in mind was to rob a corner store
Helicopters in the air and the sheriffs right behind
A nigga that's flying down Thomas
Letting down the window, grabbing that nine
As he shot, the windshield cracked
They shot back now we on flat
I'm burning through Hurts Village
Cuz the road block on my map
He got caught, the ambulance escort him
From the vacant house
They beat him down like Rodney, the W-W-F style
I saw the news, I fell asleep from the long chase
I woke up 3 am, with the flashlights in my face
It was a long story...
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Songwriters: Jordan Houston, Paul Beauregard
Long Story lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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