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Vämods Tale Lyrics

King Of Asgard – Vämods Tale Lyrics

In memory of Vдmod stand these runes
But Varin wrote them, to his son
This I tell second to nine
Generations ago lost hid life
With the Reidgoths, and he died
With them, because of offences
Tjodrik the bold
King of sea-warriors
Rules over Reid-sea shores

Now he sits armed on his Gothic horse
Shield strapped, prince of Mдrings
That I tell the twelfth where the horse of Gunn
Sees food on the battlefield
This I tell the thirteenth, which
Twenty kings sat on Sjдlland for four
Winters, with four names
Born to four brothers

Five Valkes, sons of Radulf
Five Reidulfs, sons of Rugulf
Five Haisls, sons of Hord
Five Gunnmunds, sons of Bjцrn
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