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Brethren Of The North Lyrics

King Of Asgard – Brethren Of The North Lyrics

Men of courage and men of strength
Come and join my my heathen band
Cross the ferocious ocean black
Far away to foreign land

Men of sword and men of axe
Wield the steel on my commands
Charging onwards Odin's sons
Blood will flow by our hands

Brethren of the north graced by gods
Brethren of the north feared by all

Men of glory
Men of pride
Spread our name
With sharpened blade
Slay our way
Into history
Our legend shall
Never fade
Men of hunger
Men of thirst
Quell it all
With bloodied steel
Have your way
To Valhalla's gate
As the world
Lie by it's heels

Immortality awaits
In Asgard's hall I'll guarantee
In the ranks of the braves
You'll have a place if you follow me
Upon raging waves
Over Njords mighty sea
Through nights and days
To fulfill your destiny
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