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Eastside Shit Lyrics

King Louie – Eastside Shit Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Herb]
Eastside shit
Eastside shit
Fuck the other side
Eastside shit

[Verse 1: King Louie]
Smoke dope with the killas, been real with the hittas, my niggas is drillas
Dirty money to the reaper, I die if a bitch come and get us
The bitch with me bad, my gun in her bag, my hand on her ass
Sneak dissas is irrelevant with they anonymous ass
Suppressor on the tip of xd, so they won't hear when it blast
Shoot him in the face a couple time, just to make sure he die fast

[Verse 2: Lil Herb]
Me and Louie in the Jag, off flats that's 30 clips in a stash
Pull up on the block and if he run, we put 30 clips in his ass
Smoking dope with the killas, dont know no new niggas, get poked for your figures
Me and bro in the kitchen, 44 on his waist, 30 blows on skillet
When we roll on them niggas, up poles on them niggas, don't blow at civilians
Now we smoking and chilling, put 4s in my sprite til I doze off my pivot

[Verse 3: King Louie]
I'm balling no pivot, I just hit a lick it was tall as a mansion
All these Jesus Pieces that I got on they think I'm religious
Couldn't catch his ass in the summer time, fuck it we kill em on Christmas
They like what they did to that young on Christmas, this shit ridiculous
Fuck all these bitches, fuck these bitch niggas, die for my niggas
Most of my niggas Crackers or killas, Benjamin gettas

[Verse 4: Lil Herb]
I dont got feelings, whack a nigga and put dick in his sister
I dont trust them niggas, see money don't talk to him, he might be snitching
We found out he snitching, ran in his house left him flat in the kitchen
50 shots in the "K", every shot let it spray left his face on the dishes
Show no love for a bitch, she can't get shit from me but a nut some swishers
We just fuck we dont kick it, bust on her butt out the door gotta get it

[Verse 5: King Louie]
I don't love these bitches or these hoes, fuck they thought, I love my money
Put money on a nigga head, told foe'nem to kill him on monday
Whack a nigga in America then I go chill out in London
Beat a nigga in the club, he leave with his head like a pumpkin
I paid so much for my smile its like it got diamonds or something
AK be going through houses, you better get down when its dumping

[Verse 6: Lil Herb]
Most of these niggas be bluffing, these niggas ain't getting no money
He ride through the strip like he stuntin, well fuck it he just gone get trunked then
I knew he was bluffing, you don't got no money, well pay us in drugs then
You don't got the drugs, you don't got the money, well take all the slugs then
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