[Intro: King Chip]
Dream on

[Verse 1: King Chip]
I can remember leaving in cars
Fuck the world, living is hard
Making mistakes and fixen em up
Either that or not givin’ a fuck
Cause problems show up as much as your girls
Knock on the door and into my world
Hope you brought some weed my nig
Break it on down...
Baby say we can tear up this hotel
As long as I promise to her I wont tell
Cause she be on tv reportin’ the news
Never thought I’d get a load at those boobs
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
Unless you play no games and say fuck the rules
And do what you want
Say what you feel
I am no asshole, I am just real
Being polite that's just being fake
Hard on myself but that's bein’ great
Ninety-nine times out of ten I be late
But when I show up, set up the wake
Kill’t they ass, roll up more grass
Pour some more Remy up off in this glass
You having some fun, or having a blast?
Settle for less, nah I’ll pass

[Hook x2: King Chip]
I’mma do what the fuck I want to
And I’mma buy what the fuck I want to
Roll up and tell them girls to come through
Only if we can do whatever I want to
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WTF I Want To Lyrics

King Chip – WTF I Want To Lyrics