[Intro: King Chip]
Lets Go
What? I’m swaggin, bitch

[Verse 1: King Chip]
All hail King Chip damn
Where the fuck is King Chip?
Rockin Yeezy’s 2 on rose pedals
You believe this shit?
Niggas is way out in space, niggas is way out his lane
Puffin cube on Saint Cliff, this nigga lost his brain
Bitch, I am King Chip bitch
I’m gon stay rich bitch
No safety on my scraps, seven rains bust your shit
Bitch, I’m really from that shit
Nigga don’t make it out my hood
So that makes me a Cleveland legend get that understood yeah

[Hook x2: King Chip]
No a Cleveland niggas smokin’ under palm trees
Fuck up off my nuts, let a dog breathe
No a nigga smokin’ under palm trees
Got some freaks up at my crib, they don’t wanna leave

[Verse 2: King Chip]
I'm takin’ over your brain, give me your watch give me your chain
Got to live, got to maintain
Light that weed gotta stay sane
Got my seat up out that Range
Me and West swaggin’ in Cali
This where all the haters wanna be
But they can’t afford to get at me
Shit, might as well live happy
Might as well stay up on that fly shit
Got them red Balenciagas
Come shopping in my closet
Get your hand out my pocket, ya’ll aint independent like me
Y’all aint into win like me, Can’t get in need your I. D.
No you not on the list, please stand off to the side
We gon’ let some hoes inside
What’s up hoes? Come on inside
Me and my dog you know we gon’ ride, we aint lettin’ that shit slide
Can’t go out like no bitch, Cause I got way too much pride (Yeah)

[Hook x2]
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Under Palm Trees Lyrics

King Chip – Under Palm Trees Lyrics