It's too hot for the corn and the grain
And the cotton's not gettin' much rain
And why anyone lives on the plains
Ain't nobody knows

Years that seem not to end
Go out like a lion and then
Springtime comes stragglin' in
All windblown
It's a lovely sight for sore eyes
But it's all windblown

Do you think it's unkind to suppose
That the desert's no home for a rose
Guess I'll always wish I could know
Things that you never told me

Sometimes it's so real I could swear
I can see you standin' right there
With the sand in your eyes and your hair
All windblown
What a welcome sight you would be tonight
All windblown

There's a whisper I hear on the breeze
Like a ghost that drifts through the trees
Like a song that somebody sings
Nobody knows it

A dust devil danced down the street
Gathered the trash in a heap
Like a gift it just fell at my feet
All windblown
What a treasure your memory is
Even if it's all windblown
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Windblown Lyrics

Kimmie Rhodes – Windblown Lyrics