Desert Train.
I'm gonna take you down.
Makes no difference, where you're bound
I'm gonna ride.
Rockin' in the cold steel under the Desert Train. я

Desert Train.
You got a voice like thunder.
Youя got a song that makes me, have to wonder
What it's like - to fly like a bat 'outa hell on a
Desert train.

Gone like a ghost standin' in the shadows,
Gone like a tumble weed when the wind blows,
Gone like the souls who vanished from the plain.
Gone like a dream of days gone by,
And gone like a string of box-cars flyin',
Gone in the belly of a whale of a desert train.

Came out here.
Washed my hands.
Cleansed my sins; and then
Anxious and
Ah but I found no place here to hide my sorrow.

Desert Train.
I'm a lot like you.
On my own.
Passin' thru this plain.
Take me through the dust storms ofя tomorrow.
And I'll be (repeat chorus 2x)
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Desert Train Lyrics

Kimmie Rhodes – Desert Train Lyrics