Leader: you remember just the other day seems when I was walking your way? Just like Saturday when I stopped and said hello. I ha You are my light and my sunshine after the rain.
The apple of my eye oh my what can I say.
After the clouds are over I'll be here with you everyday before the sunsets and the tides come in.
I will be here with you. For what ever you are going through I will share my heart with you. To keep it safe and unlock it when it's needed long as it's not broken.

Leader: After the clouds over you can I'm going to be standing right here til the end. In the midst of your storm and tears after the clouds are over I'm going to savor the love.

Course: After the Clouds After the clouds clouds clouds clouds I will be here.
Between you and me there will be no trouble great mercy in our destiny there's love no counter action nowhere in it just can't fit it in.

Leader: Cause after the clouds are over
Clouds, clouds, clouds I will be here for you.
To spread the love after the clouds are over and
To savor the love, joy, peace and happiness
After the clouds. Clouds, Clouds, clouds
I will be here.
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After The Clouds Lyrics

Kimberleigh – After The Clouds Lyrics

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