Leader: I can feel you pain, the urge of not being able to sleep at night.
it's becoming trouble. It's messing with your head. You're having mental breakdowns.
I know you can't take it anymore seeing you like this I can't either because it hurting me to see you this way.
Nightmares they are making you crazy
Nightmares you're all night and down all day, you can't sleep and I wonder about you like what is going to be your next move now.
And that is why you're having your course of life and your heart is beating very fast it may feel like you are dying.
anxiety, depression, stress, beyond measures,agitation words can't explain how much I care. I Just want you to take care of it.
Can I help you? With this. With these tears running down your face hoping and wishing,to get rid of it.
I just need you to get over it now im gonna call it by name.
Living Nightmare,
Living Nightmares,you're Living in your Nightmare,
Living Nightmare, Nightmare,so many Nightmares.
Leader: I have other things to say about it but, what do I really got to say about it but it's your life,take risk,just live life I know what you need to do now is stay focus,and work on it. You go to sleep with and wake up with it.
try your best to avoid it. Get it out of your mind now.I believe this is something that you can overcome, its all your dreams of your Living Nightmares.
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Living Nightmare Lyrics

Kimberleigh – Living Nightmare Lyrics

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