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Aluminum Lyrics

Killstation – Aluminum Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Killstation]
Yeah boy kill
Bitch I need to do all
With my hair long bitch
And I wish that you would die
I'm a skinny white boy
In a tight ass world
Need a pill I'ma go to hell
Get your ass away

Phil why don't you tell her now, this minute?!

I'm a mac, I'm a G
Muthafucka can't you see
Bust a nut straight on your choppa
Told you its the Doctor
Told you its Dre
Better scream my name
Bleedin' out the veins so vain
Average ass people
In an average ass world
Stuck and I'm chillin' with an average ass girl
Ya'll bitches ain't bringin' nothin' new to the table
Rappin' now I'm sounding better than his label
You don't even check your label
Don't have cable
Watch what I want to
Two young hoes naked on the floor and they wrestling
Where the (?) aye
Bitch better duck
This kid right here fuck you up

Don't you think this is a rather odd place to discuss a personal matter?
You don't have to shout it out, just say it soft and distinctly

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