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Degradation Lyrics

Killstation – Degradation Lyrics

Look at everybody touring right now, everybody going on tour, everbody. And that's cool, I get it, that's cool get it, I just hope they don't fuck it up. All the guys that don't do it right, they show up super late, they go to the club doing outlandish retarded shit, bringing underage chicks backstage, those are the guys that I wish would stop touring. And all the guys doing it right, and being respectul, and handling their business, continue on, my friend, you know what I mean? You know, for all the people out there, whether you're going the major route, whether you're going the independent route, whatever you do, you just have to just stay true to yourself, and I wish that the artists would do that. I hate artists who go out there, who are really dope, and then they conform to this overwhelming A&R that happens within that system. I do hope, I do wish that the music gets better, and that people start paying attention to the lyrics again, and some of the ridiculously dumbed down stuff would at least bring it up a notch or two, you know what I'm saying? I'm not a huge fan of people... there, there's... you have musically correct (?). But there is this general foundation of musically correctness, and you do everything you can to demolish what's musically correct, you put it out and it actually finds some weird way of being some quick fad, you're discounting the entire movement of hip hop, you're discounting, you're out there whining and making funny ass sounds and... being off beat or outta key, you are looked at by true musicians as "look at these motherfuckers"

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