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Day One Lyrics

Killarmy – Day One Lyrics

The* album version is edited [Intro
9th: Prince (P Are. Terrorist)]. (Eh-yo
9th you, sent that cream for me son )?No
doubt it's, on its way (Starvin in here man) Yeah
I, know son, hold, ya head God (Act
like they're tryin to get me up, in the bathroom) [P
Are. Terrorist]. Yo
my momma's only boy I'm, self-employed Make
my cream on the streets gotta, carry heat Stickin
up niggaz *just*, for a bite to eat Now
I'm back on the rock where these thugs eat meat And
they tryin to act righteous but they got T B. Catch.
me in the day room on the big T V. Channel.
B E. T. be., the G-O-D Now
I gotta cut faces cuz they hatin me [9th
Prince] Eh
yo This.. is solitary I
heard Big Ben be takin nigga's *commisary* Ya
not worry keep, ya mind on ya money ya, money on ya mind Watch
the blood niggaz *tryin* to take ya shine You
wanna wine and dine while you suffer with swine Mankind
is blind I, hold mines some, twin nines There's
a thin line That's
why our jail niggaz *combine* like landmines And
these be the signs of the times [Chorus
9th: Prince (P Are. Terrorist)]. (You
my man you, my dunn you, my son since day one) My
comrade my soldier I'm, the gun you the holster (I'm
the trigga you the finger I'm, the hand you the banger) Most
of all you my nigga *(Day* one) We
the day and the night the, punch and the spike You
the butcher I'm the knife biggest, story of our life (You're
the foot I'm the boot the, soldier I salute And
that's the truth day, one) [9th
Prince] Eh
yo My.. mind flashed back to '86 First
time playin with our dicks *who*, had the most hair and shit *Tricks*
to bad chicks fat, ass *Jose*, sister with big tits *Project*
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