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Love, Hell Or Right Lyrics

Killarmy – Love, Hell Or Right Lyrics

Word (yo three joints youknowi'msayin?)
The God existed way before that (word)
Not tonight man
Number one niggas put a lot of energy into this shit man (yup)
Niggas put a lot of time into this shit man (yeah)
And it's like, it's like when you put, when you invest time into somethin god
Then it pays off man, bottom line
(it's like you get, you get out of it what you put into it)
What you put into it youknowi'msayin
So you give a hundred and ten you gonna get a hundred and twenty back
Rza's only right
It's like we had to go though hell to come out right

That cipher, they got to make their own choice
We can't make they choice for em they made their own choice
It was up to us they probably would've been with us, knowi'msayin
But they made their own choice and they went their own way
And they fell off

That's why I'm glad it's like yo
I glad of this shit, because niggas gotta come up now

But see everything happen for a reason son, knahmean
And that's why them niggas got cut
The way they got cut when they got cut off, youknowi'mmean
It's like it happened for a reason god
It was meant to be, y'all can't see it no other way
(niggas had to go) you know?
You can't see it no other way son
It's like we either gonna do with or without god

It seems like when niggas got cut our shit came stronger together
It's for the better...
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