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This Ain't No Interlude Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – This Ain't No Interlude Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Loving you, I know it ain't right
Considering you got support already in ya
It's only right that I write about this shit
We had our coats on
Anticipating Christmas
It's Halloween though, slow dancing in the streets though
Rock to the rhythm of the beat yo
Michael Cera flicks at your mommas crib
Boning in the back of the Honda
Windows fogged up
Police stalk us
Holy water
No leaf
Felt so good, off the shit that would
Get us grounded, make it awkward 'round our parents
But we felt at peace hoping and praying that one of us won't have to leave
But one of us got another lover sitting right there across the street
But it ain't me, nah I swear it ain't me naaaaaaaaaaah
Follow me
There's more to the story I ain't tryna get into
Save that piece of the comic just for another issue
Besides I ain't tryna get Drake on you niggas talking bout my trust
Make you grab your tissues
But I was waiting in the rain with this shawty with my favorite pair of gym shoes
Hoping and praying we do something so sinful, yet so simple
Drugs we had a plentiful amount to get into
You ain't even know it though, fucking with some other nigga tryna keep it down low
Hoping I wouldn't even notice bro
This ho is doing shit that is so typical
Swear I seen this scene in an R Kelly video
Let it ride, let it ride
Let that K Dot slide while this L burn got this bitch done took her turn and kilt my vibe

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Songwriters: Tyre Watkins
This Ain't No Interlude lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid

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