I stepped out there in the pouring rain
I waited for you but you never came
So I watched the world go slowly by
The beggars and the dreamers
And the young and wild

It's not you, not me
None of this is real
It's not love, not hate
It's something you can't feel
It's not black, it's not white
It's nothing you can see
It's not you, it's not me

When the sun goes down on the Hollywood hills
When the shark moves in for the overkill
There's a certain glow in the marketplace
The neon signs fail to illustrate

[Repeat CHORUS]

When I'm walking down the streets
I hear the city's cold heart beating

[Repeat CHORUS x3]
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It's Not You, It's Not Me Lyrics

KBC Band – It's Not You, It's Not Me Lyrics

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